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Senate Judiciary Committee

Monday, September 26, 2016
11:30 a.m.
Room 8E-B East Wing



Senate Bill 869, Printer’s No. 1015 (Senator Folmer)

Amendment _____

Senate Bill 1323, Printer’s No. 1945 (Senator Argall)

Amendment A09561

Senate Bill 1365, Printer’s No. 2068 (Senator Greenleaf)

House Bill 74, Printer’s No. 65 (Representative Kauffman)

House Bill 185, Printer’s No. 177 (Representative Jozwiak)

House Bill 1070, Printer’s No. 1350 (Representative Costa)

House Bill 1398, Printer’s No. 2860 (Representative A. Harris)

Amendment A09644

House Bill 1476, Printer’s No. 2077 (Representative Boback)**

House Bill 1496, Printer’s No. 3459 (Representative Stephens)*

Amendment A10102

House Bill 1974, Printer’s No. 3139 (Representative Longietti)**

House Bill 2084, Printer’s No. 3509 (Representative Snyder)


*The original meeting notice incorrectly listed the bill number.
**This bill was added after the original meeting notice.