Senate Judiciary Committee To Examine Probation and Parole Reform

HARRISBURG – The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing next week to examine potential reforms to Pennsylvania’s probation and parole system.  During the two-day session, members will take testimony from more than two dozen panelists including judges, district attorneys, legislators, various state departments and boards, representatives of county probation and parole offices, and those representing numerous organizations including the ACLU, the Council on State Governments, the Justice Action Network, Parents Against Impaired Driving, and the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, according to committee chair Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20.


Tuesday, June 25th
10 a.m. to Noon

Wednesday, June 26th
8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.


Hearing Room 1, North Office Building, Harrisburg

The hearings will also be broadcast live at and at

Recordings of the hearings and written testimony will also be available following the hearings at

Tentative Agenda

June 25

Panel 1.  (10:00- 10:30)

  • Senator Camera Bartolotta
  • Senator Anthony Williams

Panel 2. (10:30- 10:45)

  • Justice Action Network, Jenna Moll, Deputy Director

Panel 3. (10:45- 11:00)

  • Reform Alliance, Arthur Rizer, Director of Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties, R Street Institute

Panel 4. (11:00- 11:30)

  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Christopher Amthor, Office of the Public Defender, Dauphin County
  • American Civil Liberties Union, Elizabeth Randol, Legislative Director, ACLU of Pennsylvania
  • Defender Association of Philadelphia , Decarcerate PA, Latonya Myers

Panel 5. (11:30- 12:00)

  • Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association, Greg Rowe, Director of Legislation and Policy,
  • Dauphin County District Attorney, Fran Chardo,
  • Luzerne County District Attorney, Stefanie Salavantis,

Panel 6. (12:00- 12:30)

  • President Judge Michael Barrasse, Lackawanna County
  • President Judge Janine Edwards,  Wayne County
  • Judge Wade Kagarise,  Blair County
  • Judge Charles Ehrlich,  Philadelphia County

June 26

Panel 1. (8:30- 9:00)

  • County Commissioners Association Of Pennsylvania, Robert Thomas, Franklin County Commissioner, member Probation and Parole Advisory Committee
  • County Chief Adult Probation & Parole Officers Association of Pennsylvania, April Billet-Barclay, Director Probation Services, York County

Panel 2. (9:00- 9:30)

  • Department of Corrections, Executive Deputy Secretary George Little
  • Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, Chairman, Ted Johnson

Panel 3. (9:30- 10:00)

  • Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, Richard D. Steele, Executive Director
  • Pennsylvania Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers, Samuel E. Miller, Jr., Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Cumberland County

Panel 4. (10:00- 10:30)

  • Council of State Governments, Carl Reynolds, Senior Legal & Policy Advisor
  • Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing, Mark Bergstrom, Executive Director,
  • Columbia University Justice Lab, Senior Research Scientist, Columbia School of Social Work, Vincent Schiraldi, Co-director,

Panel 5. (10:30- 11:00)

  • Victim Advocate, Jennifer Storm
  • Victim/Witness Services Program, Office of the District Attorney, Lancaster County, Deanna Weaver, Victim Advocate,
  • Parents Against Impaired Driving, Chris Demko, Co-Founder